Translations and proofreading from and to Slovak, German and English with an emphasis on quality, affordability and time flexibility.

Since I actively started translating and interpreting already during my university studies, I was able to gather much experience with various topics. I have translated several thousand standard pages in the fields of logistics, heating technology, art, and science, as well as contracts, business correspondence, company presentations, subtitles for TED presentations and various other kinds of texts.

Although I generally focus on non-fiction texts, from time to time I work also on artistic texts such as descriptions of works of art and subtitles for artistic films. If necessary, I consult my translations with with native speakers as well as my fellow translators in order to guarantee the highest possible quality for my client’s translation.

Prices for translations
for the following language combinations
Source language
Target language
Price per word
Price per SP
Slovak German 0,06 € 15,00 €
German Slovak 0,054 € 13,50 €
Slovak English 0,06 € 15,00 €
English Slovak 0,054 € 13,50 €
Surcharge for express translation within 24 hours
10 % of the translation price
Surcharge for express translation on the same day 20 % of the translation price
Surcharge for translation from a paper, picture or non-editable file format
10 % of the translation price

Additional information:

  • the calculation base for the price of a translation is 1 standard page (SP = 1 800 characters with spaces) or 1 word
  • you can find out the number of standard pages of your document in a text editor like Microsoft Word or here:

The prices of translations depend on several factors:

  • the complexity of the text – stylistics, number of repeated words, phrases or passages, etc.
  • the deadline
  • the text format – the best file format for translation is an editable file format  (.doc, .docx, .ppt, .xls, etc.) There is a 10 % surcharge for translations from a paper, picture or non-editable file format, because translating such a document takes up a lot of extra time and work compared  to working with an editable document